Your Non- Working Life will be Longer than your Working Life Are your finances up to it ??

This should be the theme for our Business. Most people don't realize this. Particularly when non “working life will have higher expenses.

It is important to understand your goals as an individual or company to plan your future. Managing Wealth is the first step to put your needs in focus with an effective plan that works best for you. We help you understand your investment needs, explain the risk managing capacity and build your portfolio, which is a correct match to your wallet.

A. Mutual Funds Effortless Convenience of Equity research, Selection and Investing

Mutual Funds perhaps offer the only and best way to invest your funds in the debt market where the only other option is Fixed Deposits which by comparison is inferior to MF schemes. India does not have a market which allows for direct investment in debt products and thus fixed income returns are best accessed through Mutual Funds.

Equity investing in this volatile environment comes with huge risks that can be mitigated through focused investment through equity funds. Moreover for focused industry dedicated sectoral investments, Mutual Funds offer the best way to invest. As we recommend diversifying some of your investments to global companies, Mutual Funds offer effortless convenience of research and investing.

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B. Insurance

India is a unique country where Insurance Products offer the excellent options in building up corpus on a completely tax-free basis. Further, structured products with Insurance coverage provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture transient equity upsides on a guaranteed basis.

Returns on Government Debt in India are one of the highest in the world and long term insurance products allow investors to capture high double digit yields without any mark to market risk. Thus Insurance products offer perhaps the best combination of risk coverage with return maximization.

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