A. Debt Restructuring & Settlement

We assist our customers in restructuring their debt, establish new financing options to provide breathing room and opportunity to move forward and grow. We have the necessary experience, competency and capability that are required to negotiate with leading institutions to restructure debt and make effective settlements.

Many companies find themselves in distress debt situations due to:
  • Unsustainable debt structure
  • Declining margins and cash flows
  • Unfavorable debt terms

B. Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Present environment warrants businessesto either align, merge, consolidate to grow or be divested.

We assist customers in:
  • Identifying potential M & A opportunities/disinvestment requirement
    • Evaluating and appraising companies
  • Corporate, financial and organization structuring of transactions
    • Designing and implementing an acquisition strategy
    • Introducing potential buyers or sellers
    • Providing guidance for the timing of specific transactions
    • Developing and preparing offering memorandums
  • Actual negotiations and deal closure
    • Intermediating the negotiation of sale agreements or terms of a purchase
    • Intermediating the negotiation of compensation agreements with management teams
    • Intermediating the negotiation of agreements with capital sources for deal funding

C. Corporate Divestiture/Sale

  • Handling unit separation and exits
  • Restructure for value maximization
  • Use of stock option to devise model for employees fearing separation

D. Equity & Debt Placement

We help companies in evaluating their present financial structures and suggest ways to realign these in line with the business structures.

Our services include:
  • Introducing strategic and financial investor
  • Innovative debt structures that move in line with business cash flow
  • Assisting in establishing the price and terms of placing securities with the prospective investors
Restructuring/Value investing

We at Dimensions have helped several big companies and put them on the growth radar. We take over the project / company is either having problems or is undervalued. We then restructure and manage them closely to create value investments with the ultimate objective of divestment.

The father of value investing, Benjamin Graham along with David Dodd, have some interesting theories, but what works perfect in the Indian market situation is what our experts know the best. We will not just advise you, but even help you grow with marked profitability.