We know that the business you are in has diverse challenges. We at Dimensions provide solutions, which are a perfect match for your situation. Corporate Finance & Investment Banking are the most essential aspect of growth. We assist you in restructuring your debt and establishing new financing options. This is designed to increase your value, create growth and move ahead. We have in-depth experience, which makes it easier for us to understand your requirements and structure solutions for solving your problem.

We can provide services that include Share & Business Valuations and Strategic Consulting on issues ranging from Corporate and Capital Structures to potential Mergers and Sale of Businesses. We also undertake Due Diligence.

We can advise and provide help on buying and selling companies, identifying suitable target companies, raising capital, valuing a business or any other form of strategic advice.

We are Expert of

I. Corporate and Financial Restructuring

Help company realize fully restructured value.
Changing business and financial environment has led to diverse challenges for most companies.

We can help you do the following:

  1. Identify businesses which create value
  2. Divest/shut down value destroyers
  3. Devise the optimum capital structure
  4. Restructure debt to match cash flows
  5. Provide HR & MIS interventions to align company to capital market requirements
  6. Analyze competitor and company cash flows, sustainable growth rate, threshold margins, determine appropriate business strategy
  7. Position company to maximise market capitalization

II. Business Strategy & Consulting

  • Developing long term Business Strategy & Plan
  • Integration of Business Strategy with Financial Strategy
  • Formulating an optimal Target Corporate, Financial & Organization Structure

III. Financial Engineering & Planning

  • Balance Sheet Restructuring
  • Developing Financial Forecasting Models
  • Financial evaluation of Business Plans
  • Business Valuations

IV. Project Evaluation & Strategy

  • Benchmarking Approach vs. Traditional Models
  • Market Driven vs. Internal Factors
  • Project Marketability vs. Self Funded
  • Value Creation vs. Financial Returns