The company has a leading edge in handling the asset management function of managing both regular and stress accounts. Extensive business, financial and legal experience is a key requirement for this activity and Dimensions has the requisite competence in each of these areas. This has been a critical input as well in conducting project evaluation and due diligence.

Company has a team of professionals comprising of CA's, MBA's, Company Secretary and Legal specializations. Company seeks industry expertise on case by case basis. Its key strength lies in understanding the framework and dynamics of each industry and apply it to achieve the desired objectives.

Dimensions has had a successful track record in both Due Diligence and Asset management. On the recoveries standpoint we have been able to recover dues as old as 10 years in default. The entire legal process has been managed by the company with direct coordination with lawyers. Further expertise in restructuring has been used to help many a company arrives at successful closure of their debt including TDB Debt.

On the support side nearly all promoters have taken help in:

  1. Business Plan Evaluation
  2. Financial Analysis
  3. Organisation Structure and Team Building Issues.


A number of stuck projects and under stress have thus been nursed back to successful implementation and repayment.

Company was empanelled with Technology Development Board and Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council.

We have:
  • Expertise in handling Government funded projects / departments
  • Successful track record with TDB of 10 years. Covering¬† Due Diligence , Asset Management, Recovery and Project Appraisal.
  • In less than a year successfully completing more than 20 Financial Due Diligence and Reports on defaulting companies with Biotechnology Industrial Research Assistance Council.
  • In House team across multiple disciplines
  • Rigorous process discipline delivers 100% compliance
  • Ability to handle knowledge based companies